Monday, February 9, 2015

Yearbook Fusion Tip #4

We hope that our Yearbook Fusion tips have been helpful to you so far! Today we'd like to share our fourth tip, centering on cover creation.

**  Creating your cover within the Yearbook Fusion software  **
The cover is the first piece to the puzzle and should be turned in to us at least 60 days before your desired delivery date.

There are 3 steps to creating and sending your cover:
            Step 1 - Select your cover size
            Step 2 – Create your cover
            Step 3 – Send your cover to UBuildABook

Step 1:  Select your cover size under the plus size tab.
Step 2:  You have options on how to create your cover, you can:            
    Option 1) Start with our cover design ideas and templates, found under:
        a)    Create/Gallery/Clipart/Yearbook Covers [Exclusive UBuildABook Covers]
        b)    Create/Gallery/Lumapix Clipart/Covers [Standard Lumapix Covers]
                Option 2) Create your cover with Yearbook Fusion by importing a cover JPG from another program, such as Photoshop.
 • When creating your cover you should drop it in as a background if you are using an image going across the entire cover (front, spine, and back).
                                               -Make sure to remove any unwanted borders or shadow effects.

  *Also, see this video on dropping in a cover design to create your spread: Inserting a Background

                    • If you are using different JPGs for front and back to create your own cover then you should make sure to fill up the entire bleed area.
                                                -Make sure to remove any unwanted borders or shadow effects.
                    • You can also add text to your spine on all hard cover books, but soft covers must have a minimum of 90 pages.

Step 3: To send your completed cover to UBuildABook, send your cover to:
                    File/Upload to Publisher/Upload as Flattened Image (Faster)

It is always a pleasure hearing from our customers.  Also, if you have any tips that you would like to share with others, please let us know and we will pass it along.

Have fun designing your best yearbook ever!

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